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A Culture of Excellence and Responsibility

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. is an environmentally responsible oil and gas company. We are reclaiming the vast, remaining reserves from our Nation’s abandoned or minimally producing oil fields. We embrace this overlooked and fragmented energy sector as our business focus – making us unique; we are among the first to commercialize the reclamation of stranded reserves from fields that have already been intruded upon by past drilling.

There are literally tens of thousands of these orphaned and minimally producing wells throughout America, and their owners are eager to work with a company like Cardinal Energy; we can help resolve a landowner’s liability that results when a well is not properly remediated because its past operator has “walked-away” from it. Cardinal carefully assess each prospect-opportunity that comes our way, on a case by case basis, to help insure that the prospect is a profitable venture once we take ownership – be it from recycling or re-purposing its equipment or getting the field to produce in commercial quantities again, or both.

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