‘An American Company Producing American Oil and Gas.’

About Cardinal Energy Group, Inc.

Cardinal Energy Group is managed by specialized energy experts with combined industry experience exceeding 150 years. Our vision is to become a nationally-recognized oil and gas exploration and production company.

Most of the lower 48 states contain oil and gas formations with economically recoverable reserves that are proven by more than 75 years of geological research, exploration, and production. These formations range from 350 feet below ground level to as deep as 21,000 feet. The Energy Information Administration estimates the United States has recoverable reserves of 223 billion barrels of oil and 2.4 trillion cubic feet of wet natural gas. Cardinal concentrates on promoting United Stated oil and gas development and production in a manner that maximizes economic recovery as well as fully protects land and royalty owners. Read More >

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Earnings Conference Call March 2014

Texas Prospects

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Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. to Host Investor Call and Webcast on April 3, 2014
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Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. Completes Stroybel-Broyles Acquisition
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Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. Completes Powers-Sanders Acquisition
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Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. Signs Purchase Sale Agreement
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Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. Appoints John Jordan as CFO
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