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Stan Ford – Chief Executive Officer / Director

CEO/Director- Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (Public Company Symbol -CEGX)
Director TMM, Inc (Public Company Symbol – TMMI)
President / Founder International Royalties Corporation
Education: University of British Columbia- Bachelor of Applied Science
Simon Fraser University- Master of Business Administration

Mr. Ford, MBA, age 73, was a professional engineer registered in the Province of BritishColumbia for 44 years. He was granted a MBA in finance from Simon Fraser University in 1983. Mr. Ford previously received a BAp.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1967 from the University of British Columbia. Mr. Ford has managed professionals in oil and gas exploration and mineral exploration for a period of 18 years. In prior years, he worked on major civil and structural projects in Canada for the international consulting engineering firm of Delcan. In the early 1970’s Mr. Ford was located in London, England and carried civil and structural projects in Europe and Africa. In the late 1960’s Mr. Ford was stationed in Sydney Australia and was a senior structural design engineer in charge of a large design team.

In July of 2007 Mr. Ford was appointed director of TMM, Inc., a position in which he still serves, and where Mr. Ford he was responsible for reviving the company from bankruptcy proceeding in 1998. TTM, Inc. is a company listed on the OTC Markets, and was initially involved in fractal digital compression. He has been responsible for all Corporate filings and raising capital for the company. Mr. Ford was appointed to the positions of president, treasurer and secretary of Otish Resources, Inc. in February 2003 and resigned on March 2006.

Otish was taken over by China-Biotics, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the OTC BB. From June 1990 to January 2004, Mr. Ford was the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pallaum Minerals Ltd. (“Pallaum”). In such capacity, he has managed all aspects of a publicly traded exploration company, which was traded on the TSX Venture Exchange and was a company reporting with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). He was responsible for preparing business plans, hiring staff and consultants. Pallaum conducted exploration programs which included oil and gas, and other minerals. Mr. Ford has also served as a Director of Wildcat Minerals Ltd. from September 2000 to December, 2003, as Director of International Oil and Gas from April, 2000 to March, 2001, as a Director of Olympic Stone Ltd., from November 2001 to October, 2002. He is President and Director of International Royalties Corp., a management firm, from 1984 to present. Mr. Ford was a member of the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia from 1972 to 2016. Mr. Ford currently beneficially owns 1,919,000 shares of the Company’s common stock.

Paul Carlisle – Chief Operating Officer / Director

COO / Director – Cardinal Energy Group, Inc (Public Company Symbol – CEGX)
President / Founder – EOI Eagle Operating Inc.
President / Founder – Carlisle USA Energy Company Inc.
Senior Vice President – Thompson Exploration
Vice President – North Texas Exploration
Senior Developer – Austin Tetra (Purchased by Equifax Public Company Symbol – EFX)
Education: The University of North Texas – Bachelor of Business Administration;

In early 2008, Mr. Carlisle, 42, founded Carlisle USA Energy Company. The purpose was to seek out working interest in existing and new drilling ventures with some of the largest operators in the oil and gas industry. Drawing on almost 10 years of experience helping grow several startup oil and gas companies in Texas, Mr. Carlisle wanted to put his skills to work for the public. He sought out acreage and working interest with BP American, Apache Corporation and XTO Energy to name a few, allowing his partners an opportunity to participate with major operators directly in their projects.

After almost 5 years of growing Carlisle USA Energy Mr. Carlisle opened EOI Eagle Operating to capitalize on the ferocious appetite for oil in early 2012. With a strong understanding of AFE’s, Joint Operating Agreements and land man work. EOI secured contracts from local oil and gas companies in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. EOI can turn key entire projects from prospecting and obtaining leases through the planning and drilling phases and finally the completion and day to day operations. EOI owned and operated its own drilling rig in the early years and to this day still owns and operates several service rigs along with all the necessary equipment to service almost any shallow well within a 150-mile radius of its yard. We expect that, following the acquisition of the Assets acquired from EOI by the Company, Mr. Carlisle will cause EOI to cease its independent operations.

Mr. Carlisle holds a BBA from The University Of North Texas in Decision Sciences with a focus on Statistical Analysis in Data Mining and Data Warehousing.


John R. Jordan – Chief Financial Officer / Director

Manager, Transition Accounting – Chevron Corporation
Manager, Corporate Reporting – Unocal Corporation
Manager, Accounting & Financial Support for International Operations – Unocal Corporation
Manager, Operations Accounting for 76 Products Company – Unocal Corporation
Comptroller, Geothermal & Power Operations – Unocal Corporation
Olentangy Rotary Club – Treasurer
Buckeye Packard’s Car Club – Director and President
The American Legion (30 plus years) – Currently member of Post #605 Waldo, OH.
Petroleum Accountants Society of Los Angeles – Long Beach
California Thoroughbred Breeders Association – President and Chief Executive Officer of Jordan & Jordan Racing Stable, LLC.
Association of Records Managers and Administrators – Manager of the Corporate Records Center for Unocal Corporation.
Education: B.S. and MBA from Pepperdine University

John serves as our Treasurer, and CFO. He came out of retirement to join Cardinal citing his enthusiasm about building another Oil and Gas Company with a management team he respects and knows will be successful. He oversees all accounting and financial matters. Since 1970 through 2006 he had been engaged in the production of gas and oil with the Unocal Corporation and its successor Chevron Corporation. During his oil and gas career he was involved in various assignments of increasing responsibility within the Unocal comptroller department.

He performed management and transitional accounting for the transition from Unocal’s corporate headquarters, from the date of acquisition by Chevron through the final integration with Chevron’s accounting and internal controls systems. He provided the governance over the reporting and valuation of proved oil and gas reserves for the former Unocal properties in keeping with SEC rules and best practices of both firms. During the pre and post-acquisition of Unocal by Chevron he managed the preparation of SEC periodic filings and registration statements: jointly with the company’s law, communications and investor relations departments, where he reviewed and issued Annual and Quarterly reports, press releases and other disclosures to the public.